Teatri Village is a team of creatives, passionate about set design and every other art form touching cinema production, advertising and more recently, interiors.
For over 30 years we have been involved in the design and creation of sets, designing, decorating and furnishing for video/photo shoots, advertising shoots, cinema, staging for publicity events and more.


2 studios with different dimensions: 1 big and 1 smaller. (which helps address the needs of both big and small productions.)
Studio rentals can be done alone or you can add on other options..


In our design lab and carpentry shop we can help transform your concepts into actual sets, furniture and art installations.
We have carpentry, woodworking, modelling, painting and sculpting facilities…

Set design rental

We produce so many set designs and scenographic props, that we have a large archive of pre-made sets in stock that are available for rent.
Our archive is growing and expanding quickly.
In order to keep costs down and give sets a new life, why not re-use something we already have in stock?
Renting might help keep your budget costs down. Rent some of the stuff we already have! You’ll get it for a lower price!